How To Take Help From Decorators and Painters to Stage Your Property

Property staging in Melbourne is the latest trend now, and people are actually trying to get good property deals wherein the property looks nice and in fresh and good condition. That is what the latest Melbourne property bid news also reflects in news article by Chris Tolhurst posted on 19 Jun’16. The article states how high quality real estate in Melbourne is getting great bids and buyers, as more and more people are trying to get best condition A-grade properties in low supply suburbs. This is the main reason that property staging has become a real point of focus for the real estate owners as they are trying to beautify their property with interior decorators and painters in Melbourne.

The benefits of staging the property

Staging the property has gala benefits. Your inactive listing may get a life as more and more enthusiasts will start hitting and enquiring, and will show interest in your property. You may also ask for a hike in rate comfortably once the property is staged well, and gets an accentuated look. The posh and comfy look, the well-furnished style and beautification, and the polish are all the things buyers look for. They will never tell you what they are looking for clearly, but would admire and appreciate the look of the staged property once they view it. It is kind of a psychology where the buyers would themselves not know how much they start loving a place and want to pay any amount for that, when they actually love it at a glance.

How to beautify the property

You would have to invest a little for beautification or staging of the property. The main investment is on repairs of damages that are visual, and on painting the walls and the frames of doors and windows. To start with you must talk to some good interior decorators and painters in Melbourne. You can get quotes from some service providers to fix a rate, and then start it in your budget. Simply painting the rooms and polishing the existing furniture would give a great and revamped look to the property, which will be worth enjoying.

Role of décor and paintings

It’s not necessary that you invest almost 25 percent of the property value on staging. It can be done at a much cheaper rate. The main thing which impresses visitors is the amount of light in the rooms, the space, and the design and color of the walls. All these can be a bit low or high from property to property as many rooms have a bigger space with lower light and vice versa. But one thing that is common and can still bring a good change in the overall appearance is the wall paint. A small room may look bigger, and a darker room may look lighter and bright only with the change of wall paint, texture and color. To explore you must hire from among the best painters in Melbourne and see your property get transformed to new look to attract high-paying buyers.

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