Simple guidelines for choosing chairs for your office

You might have come across office goers complaining of back pain, neck pain and fatigue. In fact, large majority of office goers suffer from such discomforts. This is attributed to long hours of work, unscientific furniture and sitting posture. You can effectively remedy this situation by providing comfortable furniture to your staff. Just replace those unscientific office chairs with ergonomically designed chairs. Provide the much-needed comfort to the staff and they would return it with increased productivity.

Chairs designed for various types of works:

These days computers have become part and parcel of every office. Working for long hours and looking at the computers can cause severe strain on your neck. You can fix this situation by providing chairs that are exclusively designed for those working on computers. These chairs are designed to provide enough support to the neck.

Similarly, you find specially designed office chairs for those who are involved in various other types of works. These ergonomically designed chairs are intended to provide enough support to the neck, lumbar, pelvic, thighs as well as to the legs. Here comes the importance of points to be considered while choosing the chair:

Adjustable backrest and height: The chair should have adjustable backrest and height. The feet should completely rest on the floor. Chairs with contoured back would be an ideal choice. These should also have adjustable arms so that you can adjust it depending on the height of the desk. Further, armrest should be reasonably closer to the body so that it provides enough support to the shoulder.

Cushioned chairs: Sitting for long hours can pinch the hips which in turn may affect blood circulation, resulting in numbness in the thigh and leg. To avert such a situation, use sufficiently cushioned chairs. Alternatively, you can also look for chairs with seats covered with airy fabric.

Recline to relax: The seat of the chair should be about 17” to 20”. Such seats will provide enough support to the thighs. Further such a chair is ideal for those who want to recline during the course of the work. As you know, reclining will help in reducing the strain on the neck.

Wheels and swivel: Look for chairs supported by strong wheels. The wheels will help in improving your functionality. These also help you to conveniently position yourself before the desk. If your office is carpeted, then you may look for wheels that are exclusively designed for use on carpets. Similarly, office chairswith swivel also improve your functionality. The swivel chairs enable you to turn around freely so that you can reach any object in your cubicle.

Sit on the chair:

It hardly matters whether you are working from home or office, you must ensure the chair satisfies all these parameters. Ergonomically designed chairs not only provide you the much-needed comfort but also provide enough support to your lumbar and neck. In fact, you will not even feel the fatigue, and therefore, you can work for long hours. Before you choose the chair, you should physically sit on the chair for some time. This will help you to evaluate its suitability.