A Look at Dual House Occupancy

According to analysis by RP data, vacant land prices over the last 20 years have generally increased from a median rate of 76.47 dollars per square meter to 507.70 dollars per square meter as of the end of 2013. Additionally, the size of the average block has dropped from 700 square meters to 500 square meters in that same period. However, you have to work with what you have as there is nothing you can do about it. A great way of getting the best returns from your land size is house dual occupancy. Dual occupancy is where two separate buyers combine their resources and jointly buy an established property with the idea of redeveloping two new houses on the one block of land.

How this Kind of Design Increases Affordability

For areas where employment and transport are accessible, land and house packages can be quite expensive, but Dual occupancy makes it affordable. This is because other than buying pre-designed homes Melbourne builders sell and land by yourself which can take a toll on your wallet, the initial purchase is split between two buyers which becomes significantly cheaper. The costs of building two new dwellings are streamlined through cost efficient designs as well as use of materials when building two homes that reassemble. These cost savings will be shared between the two buyers. Additionally, the cost of ownership as well as maintenance will be reduced.

house dual occupancy

Who it Works Best for

When it comes to house dual occupancy, not everyone is cut out for it. It needs people who are familiar with each other and have the same reason to build homes Melbourne has to offer. They should also have no problem living in close proximity to one another. These homes also work best for young families that are seeking to meet the challenges of balancing work and family life as it will minimize the time the family will spend maintaining the property and as a result they will have more time on their hands to spend together as a family. Dual occupancy though requires cooperation and thorough research by both parties because any mistakes can be quite costly. You will also need to seek legal advice to avoid any problems in the future and work with an experienced builder. You can begin at http//www.137.com.au/


The hunger for housing throughout Australia remains very strong and today many builders are establishing dual occupancy home designs. They are made in such a way that the floor plans meet planning guidelines, optimize available space, and use natural light as well as energy in a manner that is effective. Additionally, they incorporate flexible living spaces for the modern lifestyles. House dual occupancy option is a proof that quality design can help in reducing the cost of home ownership as well as increase the standard of accommodation.

If you are a homeowner, developer or an investor, then you probably want to maximize on the returns of your land. One way of making this happen is by placing a single property on one block, having an additional dwelling on that block of land. read more

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Bi fold doors – user-friendly and visually uplifting

Bi fold doors, also known as accordion doors, are usually found indoors. These doors specifically have been designed to render quick and user-friendly space division with an admirable visual appearance. The manufacturers of Bi fold doors Melbourne market has today offer these doors with various features like configuration, different colours, handles, various kinds of glass types, fly screens and so on with a good warranty period.

bi fold doors Melbourne

Configuration and durability of bi fold doors:

These doors act as transparent barriers, which allow adequate amount of light to pass through along with acting as tough impenetrable walls. They act as a great alternative to traditional door system in both commercial as well as residential units. Bi fold doors Melbourne shops sell are well known for their unique customisation.

Bi fold doors can be opened in one way or the other. They are equipped with various configurations. Premium dulux bi fold doors are offered in multiple colours and textures. Other than this, interpon powder coat colours along with metalic anodise are available. Bi fold doors in Melbourne basically have three types of handles. On customers’ requirement, manufacturers provide a wide list of handles that best suit the bi fold doors. If a customer has a particular handle in mind, and asks for its application on the bifold door, he or she is facilitated with such facilities. Exceptional bi fold doors are without handle bars. Click here Elite PVC

Varieties of bi fold doors:

Melbourne bi fold doors are also available in glass. Mainly they are made of single transparent laminated or double glazed safety glass. Present day architectural planning does suggest the type of glass required based on the topography of the region. Silling is a must look out in the bifold doors, as bi fold doors Melbourne shops sell are available in five sill options. Though they recommend two sills for the doors they manufacture. Reversible sills are used most since they provide superior sealing than channel U sill.

Bi fold doors are equipped with stainless, rust-free steel. Such special types are designed and tested for their application in the bifold. Rollers are fitted in the bifold doors to carry forward the weight of the panel. They are easy to operate too. Offset flush bolts are offered with the bifold doors. Other options are available too to let them lock securely. Dual twin bolts perform the same application as offset bolts, operating both the bolts in single mechanism.

Flyscreens play a basic role when it comes to customization. Widely used are centor, ultrascreen, freedom, etc. If an individual is not sure about the fitting of a flyscreen on a bifold, they can be applied later.

Bi fold door manufacturers in Melbourne provide a good warranty on the durability of coating and colours. However, the hardware, double glazed glass, all last for a longer period. On the contrary, the laminated and single glazed glass comes with a 5 year warranty, whereas lock wood handles come with a warranty of a lifetime. read more

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Limiting Leg Burns Using Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Motorcycle exhaust pipes can become extremely hot at times. Accidental burns can in turn happen easily owing to the close proximity of the legs of a rider to the exhaust. Such burns oftentimes are severe and need a lot of time for recovery to take place. However, several affordable products are on offer to protect motorcycle riders against getting into contact with the exhaust pipes by accident. The leading solution in this case is a motorcycle exhaust wrap that works effectively to keep exhaust pipes from causing harm to the rider. The wraps are user-friendly and quite durable, even for individuals installing them on systems meant for off-road vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes. These wraps are typically rather inexpensive and the protection they afford someone is well worth the amount of investment they require.

exhaust wrap

Convenient Installation of Exhaust Wraps

The ease of accessing motorcycle exhaust systems is what possibly makes a majority of people to remove the exhaust without wrapping it. This action enables one to have convenient access when negotiating difficult bends, along with allowing for optimal wrap that covers even the most challenging twists. All the same, a majority of wraps exhibit sufficient flexibility of application that does not necessitate removal of the exhaust system. Owners of motorcycles with straight pipes can simply acquire a cheap exhaust wrap in Melbourne and install it on the machine with the exhaust still intact. Click here Future Thermal

Design of Exhaust Wraps

In general, exhaust wraps are manufactured out of pulverized lava rocks or glass fibers. People who install glass fiber wraps have to ensure utilizing a high-temperature coating of silicone on the wrap installed to afford it protection from grease, dirt as well as other forms of debris. That said an exhaust wrap made using pulverized lava rock repels most contaminates naturally all by itself. The appearance and thermal-protection level desirable can mean preferring glass fiber wraps over the dull gold color which a majority of pulverized lava rock wraps.

Protection from Heat

The thermal protection accorded by varying types of motorcycle exhaust wraps tends to be rather significant. Generally, wraps designed using glass fiber are rated to 1,200°F, whereas pulverized lava rock wraps get rated even much higher at temperature of 1,800°F. The thermal protection added is desired by many, but it helps taking note that no colored high temperature coatings of silicone can bond properly with exhaust wraps for motorcycles made using pulverized lava rock. As such, a majority of motorcycle owners choose glass fiber wraps ultimately for accommodating their personal preferences of color.

A motorcycle exhaust wrap does not present all kinds of burns. However, it can limit severity of coming into contact accidentally with exhaust pipes in a great way. In a lot of cases, one can buy exhaust wrap in its complete set at very affordable cost that includes all the accessories required for wrapping most exhaust systems. Again, a majority of kits associated with exhaust wraps come with two wrapping rolls, stainless steel ties as well as high-temperature silicone spray. It implies overall that a motorcycle rider ends up spending minimal amounts of cash on the equipment for personal safety. See more at http://www.futurethermal.com.au/exhaust-insulation-heat-wrap-melbourne.html read more

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Tips for storing valuables in self storage facilities

Whenever someone plans to store collectibles, heirlooms and other valuables for safe keeping, the major concern of the people is how to keep them safely stored so that they don’t get damaged when they are  out of their sight. This is why self storage Melbourne facilities have emerged, which offer the most reliable and safe solution whenever it comes to storing the household items and other valuables. It is an easy and a cheap way of storing the personal or business belongings with the premium quality, flexible, stress free and secure storage facilities.

storage melbourne

Well, the safe and sound services of storage Melbourne companies offer are enormously flexible in terms of price, design, size and location. The self storage facility allows the customer to store anything they like as long as it is not illegal, perishable, dangerous or precious. The residents who have limited space can surely avail these services to get the benefits from professional storage units. However, before renting storage units Melbourne firms offer, it is crucial to consider a few points as these help people in getting the best customer experience.Check out http://www.iboxaustralia.com.au/

·        Choose a facility with good security: The first and the foremost step is to choose a trusted and reliable self storage service. It’s not at all wise to rent a space without seeing the storage site. It is very important to visit the facility personally to make sure that it is properly gated and contains surveillance cameras, good lighting and other safety features. This ensures that only authorized persons can get an entry.

·        Get a climate controlled unit: Climate controlled units are much better as one can easily store the valuables that are sensitive to cold, heat or humidity. These units comprise of air-conditioning systems for keeping the temperature within the safe range. They are more expensive in comparison to the basic units.

·        Protect belongings from the element: Even if the storage units are climate controlled, changes in temperature and humidity still exist. Therefore, one should always look for facilities of storage Melbourne wide that are featured with pallets to allow air circulation. The fragile items like glassware and antiques should be properly wrapped in paper before placing them into cardboard boxes provided with bubble wrap.

·        Don’t forget insurance: It is important to note that the homeowner’s insurance will not cover the valuables which are stored outside the property. So, there are special storage insurance policies and even endorsements are available, which offer adequate coverage for everything stored in the self storage facility.

·        Get an easily accessible unit: Finally, customers must always look for units that are easily accessible as they will wish to visit the place regularly to inspect the belongings and ensure that they are free from any kind of damage. The ground level units are always preferred by the users as they are the easiest to access. read more

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The Right Way to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning is a great routine to adapt if you want to maintain the integrity of your home. You should do it annually or more often if you think that your house is subject to elements that can cause a great deal of damage. From basic to complex cleaning jobs, it is an important measure to take for the benefit of your own home. However, there are some areas of the house that are overlooked in the process. What are these and how do you ensure that they are not neglected? Image result for cleaning Air Duct Cleaning Maintaining your air ducts at home offers a multitude of benefits. Hence, you should definitely include it as you do your spring clean routine. A dirty air duct can be carrier of allergens, dust, bacteria and other harmful substances that can be detrimental to your family’s health. When these substances clog your air ducts, they enter your home’s indoor air and inhaled by the members of your family. Would you be willing to risk that? With specialized tools, a cleaning company can remove these contaminants off of your air ducts. A powerful vacuum applies negative pressure on the air duct to dislodge hard to remove substances or debris. You can therefore promote better indoor air quality that does not pose any risks to your family’s health. Dryer Vent Cleaning Like the air duct, the dryer vent is another area of the house that homeowners often neglect. When you clean the dryer vent, it can remove any lint that has accumulated on the dryer vent over time. According to experts, this lint build up is dangerous as it can be a fire hazard. Thus, you not only clean your home but also improve its safety level. Chimney Cleaning For most homeowners, they only think about maintaining their chimney around winter time. But you have to be more diligent when it comes to maintaining your fireplace if you want to preserve safety within your home. This is true when you like to use wood to fire your chimney as the buildup of debris on the chimney can block the flow of air. When this happens, it can cause the air quality within your home to deteriorate. In addition, creosote emissions are also deemed as a fire hazard. When you leave them on the chimney wall to gradually build up, it can result to a major fire. Do not wait until that happens before you do something about your chimney. You need to have it inspected annually or bi-annually (ideally). It is a simple step that you can take but the difference it can give in terms of your family’s and home’s safety is substantial. In Portland, Willard Power Vac, Inc. is the go-to option for homeowners when it comes to handling any of the above services. They are equipped with the right tools and personnel to handle the cleaning job for your home. Thus, you can rest assured that all areas of your home are properly maintained. You can visit http://willardductcleaning.com/air-duct-cleaning/.

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Basic Tips on Designing Your Kitchen Lighting Scheme

To improve your kitchen lighting at home does not mean you should spend a fortune. There are small upgrades you can do that will enhance your kitchen lighting but only spending a fraction of what you could end up spending with designer lighting pieces. In fact, there is no need to tear up your entire kitchen because these renovations can be done with ease. You can work with specialized contractors of kitchen lighting Sydney has to offer to turn your vision into reality. Why You Need Better Kitchen Lighting? The kitchen is probably one room in the house that requires adequate lighting. You want to get enough light when preparing and cooking food or dining. It is not enough that you get just the right amount of light because you want to utilize this fixture to boost the room’s aesthetic value as well. There are five types of lighting you can use at your kitchen to improve function and aesthetic. These Sydney kitchen lighting options include track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, dim switch lighting and higher quality bulbs. Track Lighting Instead of using a traditional central light fixture, you can opt to add track lighting in your kitchen. This makes it easier to focus light where you need it – in the countertop, sink or the dining table. A traditional overhead fixture is beneficial for providing good light for basic activities in the kitchen. However, you want a lighting fixture that provides light where you might need it, such as deep corners. You can buy kitchen lighting Sydney has to offer that will get the job done. You can install these lighting fixtures at an angle so they won’t shine directly to your eyes or be blocked off by your head, especially when doing basic chores at the kitchen. Undercabinet Lighting This is somewhat similar to the track lighting because it provides light where you need it. However, this one is fixed and cannot be adjusted like track lighting. You can choose from three varieties for kitchen lighting in Sydney designed for undercabinet use: fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lights. You can choose one depending on how much light you need and the aesthetic style you prefer. Click here Zaffero Recessed Lighting There are two types of recessed lightings available for kitchens: special and standard recessed lights. A special recessed light is intended to provide light where you need it. Meanwhile, standard ones are designed for aesthetic enhancement as they provide lighting on walls and cabinet fronts. Installing this type of lighting requires minimal cost and takes only a few minutes to install. Dim Switch Lighting This type of kitchen lighting Sydney has to offer is excellent for homeowners who are conscious about their energy consumption. Improving your kitchen lighting does not always mean adding more light. In some cases, it means choosing a new system that will enable you to adjust the amount of light that is provided within a room. With this type of switch, you will be able to control how dim or bright the light that is produced within a room. New Light Bulbs Another simple but effective update you can do to your kitchen lighting is to switch light bulbs. Choose the right focus and wattage in your new light bulb so you can achieve the right effect. The distance between the bulb and the surface can also impact the light level that is produced in the process.

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Roof Restoration Safety Tips

Plumbing and roofing problems are common in most households. Whether you’ve had your home for a long time or a few years only, they are inevitable. You should, therefore, be ready to take on minor repair jobs yourself or call professional roofing contractors Perth has today for the more complex jobs. If the job is risky, though – you need to know your way around roofing repairs to be able to get it done without causing more damage. Here are a few basic and practical safety tips to consider before you decide to call on roofing contractors Perth has to offer:
  1. Buddy system – When repairing your home’s roof, do not do it alone. Make sure you have a buddy to assist you especially in transporting supplies and equipment you need to handle during the repair. Household roofs do not have railings or handholds so it is tricky to navigate your way around the roof. With a buddy helping you out, they can also keep an eye out for you.
  2. Secure your ladder first. If you are using a ladder to make your way to the roof, make sure that it is secure and solid in its place before you start climbing up. This is why the number one rule is highly important. When you have a buddy, they can use a ladder stabilizer or watch over you as you make your way up to the roof.
  3. If it rained the other night or earlier that day, postpone your roof repair. It is too risky to walk on wet and slippery roof shingles or surface.
  4. Always use a safety harness. This will ensure your safety in case of accidental slips so you will not fall hard from the roof.
  5. Use proper footwear. To avoid accidental slips from the roof, you should use a footwear designed for the roof’s surface. A rubber soled shoe is the ideal option as they provide good traction.
  6. Install toe holds. Even when your shoe provides good traction when navigating your way around the roof, toe holds provide a safety net and provides easier access.
  7. Clear your area as you go. Aside from the challenges of the roof’s surface itself, debris or supplies lying around can also cause you to slip accidentally. You should avoid that from happening by clearing the area of supplies as soon as you are done using them.
  8. Know when to call a professional. If you cannot commit to handling roof repair given the circumstances above, it is best to leave it to a professional. You have to understand your own ability. If you have reservations, don’t risk it. Click here PMC Roofing Pty Ltd
When you need a major roof repair done, don’t risk it. Leave it to the professionals who follow protocols to ensure their staff safety and the safety of your property. In Perth, there is one name that the community trusts to handle roofing repairs for offices and schools. Therefore, you should trust them to deliver an equally excellent job for residential properties too. To find out more about one of the most trusted roofing contractors Perth has to offer, visit http://www.pmcroof.com.au/.

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